About Copper Dating

Each Copper Dating event is £10. Sign up on the homepage before the event starts to secure your place on it.

Sign up on the homepage before the event starts. After paying, you'll receive an email 1 hour before the event starts, with a unique link giving you access to the event.

Please visit our events page for the latest information on the time and dates of our events.

No. You do not need any additional software to run Copper Dating. The speed dating event runs in your web browser, such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Copper's platform is fully automated, taking care of organizing the matching of users and the timing of dates. Participants have told us that because of this, the experience is much smoother than dating through Zoom.

The Copper platform is also very user friendly for event hosts. As a host on Copper, you will not need to create break-out rooms, or pair users together, as Copper does this automatically for you.

In addition, our platform can easily grow to thousands of users, so that you can be part of large events without any issues.

The safety of our users is our number one priority. We work hard to keep the website and our events secure. We also have lots of tips on how to date safe and how to stay safe once you decide to meet your date in person.

Your contact details will only be shared with your matches, and your personal data is encrypted in our system. You can report inappropriate behavior of other users to our moderators.

We secure the website with a strong SSL certificate, so that data transferred from your system to our servers is secure.

We welcome people of all ages to each event. When the event starts, you’ll be able to select the age range you are looking to date.

Absolutely! When you attend one of our video dating events, you get to stay within the secure Copper Dating website. In addition, you have the option to cut off each video date at any time, and your contact details are only shared with people you match with.